Pros and cons of homework

Everyone knows that kids do not want to do homework, or at least a minimal amount should be given to them. According to them, there's not enough time to go through the stress of homework. With this, teachers are in a dilemma; whether to give students homework or not. Homework cut time families could have spent with each other, short and this can weaken family bond among the members. Getting trigonometry homework help online can solve this problem easily. Although this is a reasonable point, homework is not a bad activity. It has both positive and negative effect on students, parents and teachers.

The most effecient learning method alone at home with minimal distraction. This is the justification by teachers for giving homework to their students. It requires a lot of effort, but also comes with lots of benefits. The following are the pros and cons of homework and how parents can strike a balance between allowing their kids to do homework and erasing homework from their children’s schedule.


  1. Doing homework is an opportunity to acquire basic knowledge that the students could not learn in the classroom. Some kids may struggle with catching up on topics taught in class, but homework would help them to study on their own and build on the little they grasped in class. Personal learning tends to stick better when the class lesson is emphasized during individual study.
  2. It also helps to facilitate the student-teacher relationship. When students complete their homework, they can easily ask questions on challenging aspects and discuss their experience while working on it. Teachers will be able to detect weak and robust areas of his students and help them optimize their potential.
  3. Homework helps to improve family ties. For instance, if a student gets stuck while working, he can quickly call on an older sibling to help out, thereby, having fun together.
  4. The more a student practices a task, the better he gets at it. Homework is a platform for students to get better at their schoolwork and understand what they would like to study at the university.
  5. It also trains students to be responsible. It helps them to plan their time and prioritize their activities from an early age. Parents would also be able to keep track of their children’s performance and guide them in their chosen career path.


  1. Homework comes with a lot of stress for students, mainly when it is too much. A high-stress level can be harmful to a child's mental and physical health
  2. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” Homework deprives students of free time. Hence, they have a lesser amount of time to network with friends and families. This may result in poor communication skills for the student.
  3. Homework is sometimes ineffective due to the insincerity of students in doing it on their own. Many students ask their older sibling to do it for them without truly understanding it.