Should homework be banned?

Have you ever asked yourself about the importance of homework and whether or not it should be banned? Do you feel stressed out on the number of home tasks you need to do after school? Well, if you have such concerns, then keep reading as we explore whether or not homework should be banned.

Research shows that the average student is overburdened with the number of assignments to be done in a night. But do they have a choice? Not for now, since homework is an accepted practice in the education system. Many people have advocated for the abolishment of home assignments offering varied reasons. Therefore, we are here to weigh the pros and cons of assignments with a focus on homework should be banned.

Why Homework Should Be Banned

Homework does not only overburden the students but sometimes their parents. Most parents usually try to help their wards in doing it but end up embarrassed when the answers given to the questions turn out to be wrong. Below some reasons to abolish homework

  1. Hinders none school activities

After spending 8 hours in class, students become stressed; hence, the need to relax the brain for the next days’ lesson. Assigning them homework that may take an extra two hours mean spending 10 hours just on school activities. This hinders their ability to undertake other important social events like helping parents, playing with friends, and exploring, among others.

  1. Lack of support

Some assignments require students to receive help from home in doing it. Imagine kids having illiterate parents or parents with no knowledge of the assigned topic. Where will the kids receive such support? This leaves them to their fate and ends up abandoning the task.

  1. Overburdens students

Aside from schooling, some students are into businesses, have a part-time job, or doing an internship to enhance their education. They, therefore, schedule their time in a way that extra home tasks become a burden on them.  

  1. Cheating

One of the main principles of homework is to continue the learning process at home. Is it still relevant when students seek external help in doing this? Due to limited time, some students pay professionals in doing their assignments without contributing. This act diminishes the purpose of homework. 

  1. Does not correspond to performance

As mentioned above, some students rely on external help in doing homework. As a result, they can perform very well in that, but the opposite happens during class hours.

Now let’s look at some advantages of homework

Enhances creativity and intelligence

Homework helps improve the creativity and intelligence of students by making them think outside the box.

Time management

If you have something to do, you make time for it. Students can schedule themselves properly to contain everything they need to do in a day. As you know, time management is crucial in our daily life.

Brings independency

Employers admire workers who can work with little or no supervision. Homework creates this sense of independence, as you have to do it on your own.


People can react differently to the same situation; therefore, there is no one solution for a situation. As a teacher, find the best practice that works for your students. If they react coldly to homework, drop it, and find a better replacement. Students should also learn to adapt when it comes to home tasks.