Is too much homework good?

It is not a new thing for students to complain about too much homework. They claim that teachers have failed to achieve the purpose of homework. Students working in part-time jobs will have too much work to do; putting themselves under duress coupled with miserable social life. In 2014, a researcher observed that the negative effect of homework outweighs the positive. Students are stressed just by attending school daily, adding too much homework is extra pressure. Some might end up having a nervous breakdown. 

It is essential to clarify how much homework is too much. When a student spends less time on activities that are supposed to relax his body, it is too much. According to research by a Stanford researcher, if the amount of homework exceeds 2hours, it is too much. An average student should engage in sports, fan clubs, partying, shopping, playing with friends, etc. alongside schooling activities and homework. Some parents get extremely bothered when their children skip assignments while others want minimal homework for their children. 

Some parents believe students leave the house the whole day and should be left to spend time with their parents after school, while others believe learning should not stop both at school and home. Some in search of balance argued that homework is good but should have on a relaxed scheme, such as educative videos, games and so on. Schools were involved in the act of cutting summer holidays short because students would have forgotten what they learned before the vacation by the time they resume.

Parents need to stand and fight against too much homework. The culture of celebrating high academic performance that leaves a child depressed and unhappy should stop. Many children that perform brilliantly in school are subjected to unnecessary pressure by their parents, teachers and other people, thereby jeopardizing their physical and mental health. Success at the expense of one's health is failure sugar-coated. Some children in this category go into depression or worse still think of committing suicide when they fall short of the standard. What is the relevance of high academic achievement when the child commits suicide? 

No one can succeed by staying in their comfort zone, but there should be a limit to homework given to students. Some teachers assign homework that is unrealistic to complete even on their own(the teacher). You then wonder why they offer such to their students. Teachers should not go out of the scope of what students learned in class in giving assignments to their students. Not only would it not be productive, but it might also leave the student stressed and a feeling of inferiority compared to those who can complete their homework.

Children need more time to play and sleep, not overwork their brain until they fall ill. Parents should consider an option to pay for assignment help for their children, this will make tackling assignments easier for their kids, and guide them through it and outsource those that are extremely tasking and unreasonable for their child.